Staying in Zen Vila, while enjoying the local beaches and sightseeing attractions in Paštrovići try to enrich your vacation and to extract at least one day for a short trip that will give you extra experience and an unforgettable travelling experience. We recommend that you choose one of the following destinations:

Boka Kotorska

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Boka Kotorska Bay is a unique, one of the most beautiful scenes that you can afford to see, a place that nature has created during its greatest moments of inspiration, and a man only tried to enrich this beautiful place even more.


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Kotor – The visit of this Bay you can start in the ancient town of Kotor, whose perpendicular walls rise directly from the sea up to the hills above the town and make a unique medieval fortress on the Adriatic. Enter trough the main gate and you will find yourselves in front on the square in front of a clock tower. Stroll through the narrow streets and squares that go by the rising palacesof noble families, decorated with coats of arms, and rich relief decorations of Baroque or Gothic architecture. Stop in front of the luxurious Cathedral of Saint Tryphoon and two beautiful Romanesque churches the true keepersof the multiculturalism of this city.


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Perast town with a baroque church of Saint Nicholas, Diocese of Zmajevica, nautical school from Martinovic, Holy Cross fortress will awaken your imagination and take you back in time when this place was an important cultural and commercial center. Immediately next to Perast side by side are two small islands. One is the church of St. George, and the second Lady of the Rocks which holds valuable frescoes, paintings and relief decorations that preserve the history of this place. Be sure to grab a boats and see this marvelous place where the permeate wonders of nature and human construction leave a most beautiful legacy.

Herceg Novi

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Herceg Novi – At the end of the bay is the city of the sun, mimosa flowers and a city of rich history and culture. Visit the old fort, drink coffee in the main square in front of the Clock Tower, climb the stairs of King Tvrtko the 1st and you’ll discover a way to Stefan Herceg square where rises the magnificent church of St. Archangel Michael. Go down to the beach and find a local boats that will take you to the island of Mamula that marks the entrance of the bay, and then towards the peninsula Lustica all the way to the Blue cave, a wonderful cave where the sun rays bounce off of water and paint the whole atmosphere in turquoise blue color fit for the fairytales.


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Cetinje is the old capital of Montenegro, the historic town of authentic architecture developed under the inaccessible mountain peak of Mountain Lovcen. It originated in the 15th century, when one of the last Serbian medieval rulers Ivan Crnojevic moved its headquarters state of Zeta, and from 17th until 20th century it becomes the capital of the famous dynasty Petrovic. All the history of Montenegro is woven from the struggle for freedom and the preservation of culture and religion, and the seat of that struggle was just Cetinje.

 The City of Cetinje

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The City is located only some 30 km from the sea and can be reached by perpendicular road that will take you, in a very short amount of time, from the coastal area to between the mountain chains sharp of the Mount Lovcen. Once you are in town, go straight to the Cetinje monastery, which since the 15th century represents a historical and cultural center of the whole nation. The monastery houses relics of inestimable value, the hand of St. John the Baptist, the particles of the Holy Cross, relics of St. Peter of Cetinje,epitrachelionof St. Sava and the crown of King Stephen of Decani.


The monastery is the seat of the Dioceseand the spiritual beacon, not only for this county or Montenegro, butfor the entire Orthodox world. Then, visit the famous building by the Billiards that in 1838 the most famous ruler of Montenegro, Bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegos, that is also one of the greatest poets in Serbian literature,build as his residence. In it you will find out why these people are considered offshoots of freedom in the Balkans, and also the Light-bearer of the highest artistic talent and feeling. In the court of King Nikola I Petrovic of Montenegro the State Museum is situated, and the building of the former Government now houses Historical and Art Museums. Be sure to visit the buildings of the French and the Russian Embassies, and the building of the Serbian Embassy is now the Ethnographic Museum.

National Park Lovcen

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The National Park Lovcen is the area that stretches outside of Cetinje, and is the area that you’ll pass by once leaving; fascinated by this little town that is one of the biggest historic and cultural centers in the Balkans. Winding roads and hairpin will pass through the fairytale landscapes coniferous forests that descend from the rocky cliffs. You will pass through the locality where the tribe Njegusi resides, from which came the well-known royal family Petrovic, and in one of the places you will be able to visit the birth place and the original house of Njegos. Then you will understand better the most difficult conditions in which the people were born as geniuses who were able to elevate themselves to liberty, but also throw themselves in the highest spheres of culture and education. While going away make sure to visit the village Bukovica the location of one of the oldest inns in Montenegro, that for more than hundred years serves Domestic Prosciutto Njegusi and honey brandy. By further going down the mountain you will soon see the sea, Bay of Kotor and Budva.